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Who I am

Hello and welcome to my Universe.

When I discovered the different natural therapeutic possibilities and energy techniques, I fell in love with them.
More than a passion, it is above all a call, a call from my soul telling me that it was time to share all this with you. To embrace this path of well-being and well-being in order to radiate the light that exists in each of you.

I like to compare myself to a watering can that comes to bring water to the little flower seed that lies dormant in each of you.

Through these different energy techniques, I bring you this little extra, so that you can blossom to fully realize yourself, and become aware of the beautiful soul that lives in you.

You are light, and being able to bring you this view of yourself brings me a lot of happiness.

Being able to bring out the magnificent, radiant people that you are, you give the little "boost" so that the magnificent flower in you can bloom, brings me a lot of joy and balm to my heart.

I am delighted to be able to accompany you on this path.



My approach

With the help of my various energy techniques, I am here to bring you well-being and well-being on a daily basis.

In order to find the very essence of your soul, to become filled with peace and serenity.

I accompany you, whatever the problem, to get back in touch with yourself.

The starting point is not “this exists and/or this does not exist” but rather “everything can exist”.

The benefits of energy therapy.

They are very numerous, and we can particularly note these:

  Increases the potential for self-healing.
  Prevents depressive states, emotional and nervous disorders.
  Dispels muscle discomfort and joint pain.
  Allows faster recovery in case of fatigue and stress.
  Provides renewed energy and dynamism.
  Allows you to find calm and serenity.
  Promotes letting go of everyday experiences or situations.
  Promotes better communication between oneself and others.
  Promotes optimism and self-confidence.
  And many other benefits that are specific to each person.

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