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Serenity, Harmony, Relaxation

energy therapy



Aurore Castagnary
Holistic Therapist

I accompany you to reconnect with your Being, your potentials, your life mission, your inner strength...

I am here to help you achieve this, with the help of my energy healing.

I carry out a cellular deprogramming and reprogramming, I free you from your suffering, but also from negative links and memories, cords, attachments, dependencies, programming, limiting beliefs...



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Wonderful experience

I recommend you 1000% your sympathy and your love for the help you bring in your care 4 days have already passed and the energies of your care are still circulating THANK YOU


I met Aurore by chance, I was looking for an answer and Aurore didn't just answer this question that had been in my head for YEARS. She freed me.


The work you have done is following its course and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

  Thank you also for your knowledge, your sharing, your kindness and your kindness.

You can trust him with your eyes closed.

We do not even imagine how much it brings us as long as we do not live it.

I recommend it ++

Sincere thanks again.

Thank you for everything.

It was no coincidence that Aurore was on my path, I needed help and she was there to support me. What I will remember the most about Aurore is her PRESENCE. Always available, kind, FRANCHE, honest.


But what I will remember the most about this charming person, Aurore, is the amount of knowledge she has. It's very simple, for my part she has always had the answer to everything, with a welcome benevolence.

I highly recommend her, her panel of gifts will undoubtedly be able to help you in many areas of your life. You can go there with your eyes closed.

As for you Aurore, I will never thank you enough for what you have done for me, and I will come back to you with the greatest pleasure. THANK YOU FOR BEING.


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48 Chemin des Agassins, 84130 LE PONTET

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